Seafood boils are best when enjoyed with others. Always a festive gathering, where there may be periods of silence due to intense concentration from the cracking of shells and drizzling buttery sauce all over everything. It’s a messy affair, so you just gotta roll up your sleeves and get right in there. It takes some work, but the reward is well worth it for the plate of seafood bliss. And this is exactly what we get every time we dive into a seafood boil from alaMar.

alaMar is one of our favorite spots in the Bay Area for seafood. We’ve been fans since they opened their doors in Uptown Oakland back in 2014. alaMar has teamed up with Table 22 to curate a seafood club featuring to-go 4-course feasts to enjoy the alaMar experience at home. Created by owner Chef Nelson German, he mixes up the curated feasts from month to month. We were excited to give these ready-made feasts a try. Adulting is hard enough with all of the decisions we have to make constantly, dinner time should be easy and fun.

Our seafood feast featured a Dungeness crab boil . Everything came packed up well and already cooked. Reheating instructions are included, and all you have to do is reheat and serve to get your feast on. The reheating instructions were pretty easy to follow. We found it fun unpacking everything, reheating, and plating everything up for our meal. The whole reheating and plating process didn’t take too much time.

Here's What Came in Our Seafood Boil Feast:

Dungeness Crab with a Buttery Romesco Sauce.

(seen here reheating in the pot)

Andouille Sausage, White Corn &

Herb Roasted Potatoes

(seen here added to the crab pot mix)

Fresh Sourdough Bread with a Buttery Spread. (seen here ready to go into the oven)

A fresh & bright salad with pomegranate, melons and a delicious vinaigrette. (we're still dreaming about this salad)

A Slice of Lemon Cake to round out this delicious feast with something sweet.

Fresh, savory seafood always puts a smile on our face. And with alaMar, it's the thoughtful flavors used to create these dishes that makes it special and leaves us always craving more. For more info and updates on alaMar's current menu selections, check out their website alamaroakland.com | 100 Grand Ave Oakland, CA 94612