Meet four local Petaluma small businesses that contribute to the unique charm and spirit of the community.

Petaluma is a place where you'll find small-town charm, located just 40 miles north of San Francisco. The downtown area is a historical gem, with much of its original architectural character still intact. Many of the original buildings are now home to top-notch restaurants, tasting rooms, antique shops, art galleries, and more. Petaluma is a makers town, home to many local small businesses dedicated to crafting quality goods with passion and integrity.

Here we're sharing four local makers to get you curious and inspired about this riverfront town community.

Barber Cellars Wine | 2019 Zinfandel 'Mr. Beast'

Barber Cellars is a family-run winery that creates wines with organically grown grapes from a dedicated single vineyard in Sonoma County. Mike and Lorraine Barber started their winery in 2007 to make delicious wines that are quality crafted, all-natural, and showcase the land and the vintage. All grapes are handpicked and hand-sorted. Grapes grown are farmed without the use of pesticides and any unnatural additions. Their style of winemaking is elegant and spice driven with bright acidity.

The 2019 zinfandel 'Mr. Beast' is a blend of Zinfandel, Alicante Bouchet, and Petite Sirah. After the wine has been aged in 20% new American oak barrels, it is bottled unfined and unfiltered. This spicy zinfandel has flavor notes of raspberry and wild strawberry. Recommended pairings for this wine include saucy BBQ, cheeseburger, slow-cooked meats, pasta, or spicy curries. Visit the tasting room to try this 2019 zinfandel and learn more about their portfolio of elegant and expressive wines.

Available at their tasting room in downtown Petaluma and at their website The distillery tasting room is located at 112 Washington Street at Hotel Petaluma.

Biotic Brands | Bubbly Probiotics + Cold Pressed Beverages

Biotic Brands is a family-owned company that creates bubbly probiotic beverages that help support your overall well-being with drinks that are healthy, refreshing, and full of flavor. Inspired by creating products that are delicious and healthy, Biotic focuses on using clean, organic ingredients. By working with good farmers and using 100% Certified Organic ingredients, Biotic is doing its part to help eliminate the use of harmful chemicals that are not good for the environment and our bodies.

Biotic probiotic beverages are fed by sliced carrots and beets and not with refined sugars. To give each bottle its flavor, cold-pressed juices are added right before bottling. As a result, the beverages are bubbly, slightly tart, and void of the vinegary taste that you might find in a bottle of kombucha. Their current lineup of healthy beverages includes ginger, tangerine turmeric, lime, beets, and pineapple.

Available at local grocery stores, check out their website to see a complete list of locations. Also check out our recent chat with Biotic CEO Ryan Johnston in this local feature.

Kuksa Coffee Roasters | Happy Trails & Basecamp Coffee Blends

Kuksa Coffee Roasters is a celebration of daily life and adventures with friends and family, with a vision of creating a community around the coffee that they roast. Founded by Kevin Larson and David Kahn, Kevin and David spent their professional careers as Firefighters/Paramedics serving their local communities before creating Kuksa Coffee Roasters. The coffee is inspired by the places they love to visit and some of their favorite adventures.

Among their lineup of small-batch roasted coffee blends are Happy Trails and Basecamp. Every adventure needs a base camp, and this is a fitting name for this dark-roasted blend. Full-bodied with sweet notes, this coffee helps you recharge and reflect as you sip hints of brown sugar, almond, and dried cherry. Taking a pause to regroup can help you find your way and Happy Trails is here to support the cause. Medium-bodied and medium-roasted, you'll find notes of pecan, fruit, and dark chocolate. Wherever your next adventure may take you, take time to recharge with a cup of coffee.

Available at local grocery stores and cafes throughout Sonoma County and on their website Also check out our chat with Kevin & David in this recent local feature.

Barber Lee Spirits | Single Malt Rye Whiskey

In addition to making wine, Mike and Lorraine Barber also make hand-crafted spirits. Together with entrepreneur Aaron Lee, Barber Lee Distillery was created, setting up their distillery a couple of doors down from their wine tasting room in downtown Petaluma. With a focus on quality ingredients like heirloom corn, organic herbs, and malted grain, their whiskey evokes a unique experience dedicated to the art of distilling.

This single malt rye whiskey is made from100 percent malted rye. Malted rye can be challenging to work with, and this rye whiskey is painstakingly made by hand. The result is a well-crafted unique American whiskey, full of rich flavor and spices. Aged in new-char American oak barrels, you'll find sweet notes of light vanilla and maple. Enjoy this rye whiskey neat or on the rocks. Visit their tasting room to give this rye a try and learn more about their portfolio of hand-crafted spirits.

Available at their tasting room in downtown Petaluma and at their website The distillery tasting room is located at 120 Washington Street.

And that wraps up this issue of the Local Edition featuring Petaluma makers.

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